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Ben Cyrulnik

As an undergraduate, Ben majored in History and Political Science at the University at Buffalo, where he also completed a Paralegal Certificate Program. His interest in working in the field was spurred in the Summer of 2018 after watching a 60-minutes special covering the ongoing research at Johns Hopkins University. Bearing witness to the changing tides, he decided to write his undergraduate honors thesis on psychedelic Buddhist literature. It was here where his passion for archival research began. Awarded with a research grant, Ben conducted archival research on the Timothy Leary papers at the New York Public Library Archives and was recognized for writing the best senior honors thesis in the department. 


Originally planning to attend Law School after graduation, Ben made a pivot. In 2022, he was accepted into the first of its kind Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with hopes of furthering his understanding of the field and the nuances within it. It was in his first semester where he began his volunteer work with the Porta Sophia Archival Researcher network, and continues to source prior art relevant to the field in his free time. 


Interested in all facets of the psychedelic field, he is concerned with expanding access to these medicines, and ensuring that innovations in this field are guided to market in a manner that is equitable to all and respects the indigenous and historical values that these medicines hold. 


Ben is passionate about helping steward innovation in the psychedelic renaissance. In his free time, Ben enjoys watching film, reading psychedelic literature, cooking, cycling and making people smile. 



  • University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Pharmacy, M.S., Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation (Expected December 2023)

  • University at Buffalo, B.A., Cum Laude with Honors and Distinction, History and Political Science, with a concentration in Science, Medicine and Technology (2020)

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