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Celeste Alvarez

Intrigued by science and medicine at an early age, Celeste developed a passion for communicating complex scientific concepts in an accessible manner. She has approached her roles as scientist, medical writer, and patent agent with enthusiasm for improving the safety and efficacy of various therapeutics and promoting scientific literacy.

Celeste began her scientific career by studying threats to human health in infectious disease laboratories. Her desire to bridge the gap from basic to translational research was realized with her doctoral studies at UW-Madison, which focused on pharmaceutics and drug delivery.


Excited by the prospect of maximizing the impact of her scientific communication skills, Celeste began her professional career as a medical writer. Focusing on interventions for neurological disease states, Celeste created educational and promotional content for individuals with varied scientific backgrounds, ranging from pharmaceutical sales representatives to physicians.

A chance encounter sparked Celeste’s interest in intellectual property and the fascinating world of pharmaceutical patent litigation. During her time as a patent agent, she has gained experience and perspective on domestic and foreign prosecution in the areas of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, she has performed due diligence, patentability, and freedom-to-operate analyses.


Celeste first learned of the myriad of potential benefits of psychedelics in graduate school and finds nothing more exciting than the current resurgence of scientific research in this field. She is further intrigued by the societal implications, particularly access and benefit sharing. In her spare time, she enjoys, cooking, learning new languages, and taking her dogs for long walks.

Prior Experience

  • Patent Agent, Morrison & Foerster 

  • Patent Analyst, Reorg Research

  • Medical Writer, Arbor Scientia


  • University of Wisconsin–Madison, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • New Mexico State University, B.S., Microbiology


  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (Reg. No. 79,296)

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