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 Rachel Cervenak

A Midwesterner at heart, Rachel grew up in metro Detroit, went to college in East Lansing, and lived in "Ypsi" (Ann Arbor's unconventionally charming neighbor) for a year before setting her sights on Seattle. An activist seeking to transform the narrative of prohibitionist drug policy, and a lover of the outdoors, it seemed only natural to get out to the state of Washington.

In 2019, Rachel completed her senior thesis, "Forcing the Pieces to Fit: The Puzzle of Psychedelics & US Drug Policy." She analyzed legal alternatives to the status quo, driven by the hope of a transformative future. During this time, the winds of change swept through the nation, with policy initiatives sprouting in Colorado and Oregon. Meanwhile, several scientific studies revealed the astounding potential of entheogens, capable of rewiring neural connections and, quite literally, changing one's mind.

In the fall of 2021, Rachel's path intersected with Healing Equity and Liberation (HEAL), where she joined as a Development and Policy Consultant. It was here that fate playfully introduced her to two individuals: Chris and Graham. 

At the start of 2022 and in collaboration with community leaders, Rachel co-founded the grassroots organization Responsible Entheogen Access & Community Healing of Washington (REACH WA). Their mission? To fully decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi in Washington by 2024. Later that same year, Rachel joined Terrapin Legal as a Psychedelic Paralegal, Fireside Project as a volunteer on the psychedelic peer support line, and the Psychedelic Bar Association as a Founding Member. 

Rachel is now jumping aboard Calyx’s amazing team! She is eager to delve into the intricate world of patents and discover how they can be wielded creatively within the system. Rachel envisions a future where patents become instruments of collaboration, enabling people to work together, share benefits, and ensure accountability for the greater good.


In her free time, Rachel enjoys hiking, traveling, listening to birds, and watching the clouds roll by.

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