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Greg Dwulet, PhD

Early in Greg's scientific training, he became enamored with the idea that chemistry enables creating new molecules and materials that have never previously existed in the universe. As an undergraduate researcher, Greg developed synthetic methods for boron cluster molecules useful in nuclear medicine. In his doctoral and postdoctoral studies, Greg synthesized new organic and inorganic molecules that form functional nanostructured materials, and collaborated with chemical engineers to test these materials in applications ranging including catalysis, next-generation batteries, and protection against chemical weapons. To this day, Greg's excitement about the creative process, technical complexities, and endless potential of synthetic chemistry drives his scientific curiosity.


As a researcher, Greg enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of his work, which involved collaborating with coworkers in different academic disciplines as well as industry and government organizations. Greg was drawn to intellectual property for a similar reason, finding great satisfaction in working at the intersection of business, law, and cutting-edge technological innovation.


During his time as a patent agent, Greg has drafted numerous patent applications for technology including small-molecule pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and renewable energy. He has also performed due diligence, patentability, and freedom-to-operate analyses; and has provided technical support for patent infringement litigation proceedings.


In his free time, Greg enjoys playing tennis, running, rock climbing, and brewing beer.


Prior Experience

  • Patent Agent - Morrison & Foerster

  • Postdoctoral Scholar - University of California, Los Angeles



  • University of Colorado Boulder, Ph.D., Chemistry

  • Whitman College, B.A., Chemistry



  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (Registration No. 80, 541)

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