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Katherine Perez-Morera

Katherine graduated with a pharmacy doctorate from the University of Florida in 2012. Since then, she has dedicated to enriching patient care directly within government agencies, hospitals and pharmacies, and indirectly via clinical research and evidence-based administrative efforts. She joined the US Army in 2018 and currently serves as a chemical officer in the Army Reserves. She is committed to military and public health, and until recently worked supporting the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a vaccines and therapeutics subject matter expert, and senior analyst. She's currently working on her Master on Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and will be attending Cornell law school starting on the Fall of 2025. Her future goal is cooperating with government agencies to advance evidence-based, consistent drug policy.


In her free time, Katherine enjoys hiking, running, meditating, writing creatively and painting.

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