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Noah Smith

Through his undergraduate studies at McMaster University, Noah developed an interest in the intersection between health and law. His desire to learn more about the impact that legal and political institutions have on health led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Health. Throughout his graduate studies, Noah dedicated his time and efforts to examining the influence that laws, policies, and systems have over the development and adoption of innovations in health. He hopes to eventually carry these interests and insights forward into a future legal career.

Noah’s passion for health and innovation eventually led him to develop an interest in the medical potential of psychedelics and the industry emerging around these promising compounds. In 2021, Noah began working at Psychedelic Alpha as an analyst, where he has since supported the development of reports, analyses, and tools focused on health and drug policy, intellectual property, drug development, and more.

While attending McMaster University for his undergraduate degree, Noah was a member of the men’s varsity football team. Unfortunately, following a series of untimely injuries, he was forced to step away from the sport. Motivated by a desire to help other athletes avoid career-limiting injuries, Noah joined together a group of peers to develop a software platform that, by leveraging pose estimation technology, could enhance athletes’ training efficiency and potential, while mitigating injuries. Before graduating, Noah successfully led the small team through a business incubator and innovation program where he was able to help transform the product from an idea into a viable product.  

In his free time, Noah enjoys spending time outdoors cycling, hiking, and backpacking in the mountains.



  • McMaster University, MSc., Global Health

  • McMaster University, B.A., Justice, Political Philosophy & Law, Summa cum laude

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