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Patrick Watts

At a young age, Patrick began an interest in absorbing exciting new technologies in magazines such as Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Fast forwarding to an undergraduate at St. Thomas University, Minnesota, he continued to foster this learning through a major in Biology with a focus on cellular and molecular biology. Patrick spent  time working in undergraduate labs both at St. Thomas University and the University of California - Davis studying the chemotaxi pathways of P. putida towards aromatic hydrocarbons. After graduation in 2020, he continued with laboratory work, this time in the quality assurance department of an international dairy processing giant, assuring quality ice cream, milk, and more landed in your home refrigerator safely.


At this point in time, Patrick decided lab work was not for him and began exploring alternatives. He enrolled in the MS Patent Law program at the University of Minnesota Law School, exploring the nuances of patent preparation, prosecution, due diligence, and innovation. Prior to graduating from the program in May 2022, he participated in the USPTO's National Patent Drafting Competition, competing in a team against other law schools to write the ideal patent application related to a hypothetical invention. Patrick also served as an intern in the University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization Office, completing patentability and commercialization reports on invention disclosures from research labs and senior engineering students.


Passionate to continue his learning experiences in the field of psychedelics with great therapeutic promise, Patrick will complete prior art searches, due diligence, and assist in patent preparation at Calyx Law. Patrick is also a student at Johns Hopkins University in the MS Biotechnology program, again, continuing his passion to learn about emerging technologies in an exciting space! In his spare time, Patrick enjoys hosting Dungeons and Dragons sessions with friends, video games, and mountain biking.



  • Johns Hopkins University, M.S., Biotechnology (Expected May 2023)

  • University of Minnesota Law School, M.S., Patent Law (2022)

  • St. Thomas University, B.S., Biology (2020)

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