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Tyler Quigley, PhD

Tyler has pursued biology since he first learned about evolution by natural selection in high school. He is especially interested in complex systems, physiology, consciousness, bees, and fungi. His interests led him to pursue his Ph.D. research at Arizona State University, characterizing the structure and function of the honeybee blood-brain barrier.

Tyler is extremely passionate about science communication. Throughout his Ph.D. he published science articles written for Ask A Biologist and worked as a freelance science writer for various websites. In March 2021, he started The Tab, a newsletter about psychedelic science where he breaks down classic and modern psychedelic science research for the general public. He has also contributed to other psychedelic publications such as Psychedelic Science Review.

While working at Calyx Law, Tyler was also a graduate fellow in the ASU technology transfer office and has been a contributor to the decentralized science (DeSci) ecosystem. Through all of his endeavors, he aims to understand and improve the systems through which life science knowledge is developed into practical solutions for human problems. 


  • Arizona State University, Ph.D., Animal Behavior, 2024

  • Roanoke College, B.S., Biology, 2011

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