William Craig

Prior to joining Calyx Law in 2021, Will spent four years working as a project manager and enforcement coordinator at a regulatory agency specializing in environmental remediation. Through this experience, Will honed his research, technical writing, and communicative skills.


Will developed an interest in science and technology at an early age, always enamored by how the world worked. Through hard work and a self-starting disposition, Will received a full academic scholarship to Southern Illinois University to study Biological Sciences, and conduct bryophyte research in the Vitt lab.  


In the summer of 2015, Will joined a group of scientists completing reclamation work in the Oil Sands region of northern Alberta, aiding in data collection and project design. This experience culminated in Will’s thesis project “Sphagnum compactum in southern Illinois,” which analyzed, and argued for protection of, a decreasing archipelago of isolated bryophyte populations littered around the state's sandstone cliffs.


After coming face-to-face with quantifiable environmental degradation, Will chose to pursue a career in environmental science. However, throughout his time as a regulator, Will began to perceive a substantial gap in the technologies available to, and increasingly-complex problems faced by, practitioners. It was then that Will decided he could make more of a difference enabling inventive minds to reduce their ideas to practice through patent protection than as an environmental practitioner. 


Once Will decided to pursue a career in patents, he never looked back. Will has since received formal education in patent prosecution, conducted prior art searches, given invalidity, infringement, and patentability opinions, drafted patent claims, penned scholarship concerning §101 jurisprudence, and reviewed countless biotechnical and psychedelic patents and patent applications.  


In all, Will is incredibly excited to work with clients spanning the life science spectrum to aid in bringing their inventions to life.

Prior Experience​​

  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd.

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale


  • University of Illinois at Springfield, M.S., Environmental Science

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale, B.S., Biological Sciences, minors in Chemistry and Environmental Studies


  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office